Website Speed Monitoring

Monitor core web vitals, such as web performance. Uptimia Website Speed Monitoring tool will simulate a real URL load and monitor your site speed from multiple locations worldwide.

How does our speed monitoring tool work?

A quick explanation of our monitoring and performance testing tool

1. Setup speed monitoring

Create an Uptimia account and set up speed monitoring for your website.

2. We monitor your site

We use a real web browser to load your website completely and monitor your website performance.

3. Get alerted when it gets too slow

When the load time gets too slow or experiences other technical problems, we will inform you by SMS or E-mail.

Analysing Your Website Metrics

Real Browser

We use a real browser to load and check your website completely. That way, unlike with Uptime Monitoring, we can measure the actual loading speed, site weight and the number of elements to load. Loading your website as often as every minute!

171 Locations Worldwide

Our monitoring solution is scattered across six continents. A wide range of monitoring servers means that you will know if your page load speed is fast enough across many different countries. That way you can be sure user experience is consistent across continents.

Find errors, fix them and optimize your site

Detecting Dead Elements

A missing image, JavaScript or CSS element can be embarrassing. Find out which elements are not loading correctly and always be sure that all of them are loading fine for your visitors.

3rd Party Domains

Measure how much time does it take for all external elements of your website to load. Identify if they are taking too much time and slowing down your site. Optimize your webpage and avoid performance issues.

Integrate your favorite tools with Uptimia

Receive notifications to tools like Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Webhooks, Discord, Microsoft Teams, and many more.

Always be informed about your site performance

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Reports

Get routine reports regarding your monitored websites. Use that information to prove your clients or your boss that the site you are taking care of is in good hands, as well as for your website optimization. Customize reports with your company colors and logo.

And there is so much more

Benefit from many more of our monitoring capabilities

No installation required

Just give us your website URL and we will do the rest. It will not take longer than 30 seconds to start going.

No False Alarms

Optimized to minimize false alarms, Uptimia meticulously verifies problems from multiple locations before notifying you, ensuring accuracy.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate Uptimia with your system using our API, enhancing the synergy with your existing tools and processes.

Real web browser

Uptimia uses a genuine Google Chrome browser for monitoring your application, ensuring a realistic assessment of user experience.

Speed Alerts

Configure how and when you want to be alerted when your website loads too slow.

What do our customers say about us?

Discovering Uptimia through customer feedback

Uptimia has simplified the complex world of website monitoring. The customizable features and reliable performance make it a standout choice for any online business. It's a must-have in my toolkit.

Uptimia has truly boosted my website speed. I get notified to WhatsApp in case things get too slow. Their performance metrics are very informative.

A great website performance monitoring tool. The alerts to Slack are handy, and they offer almost 200 global locations for site performance testing.

I can't imagine managing my website without Uptimia. Its reliability and user-centric features make it an indispensable part of my digital strategy. Five stars!

Uptimia is my secret weapon for a fast website. We have a better user experience and improved our site's performance since we started using this tool.

Uptimia is like having a personal assistant for my website. The customizable monitoring and comprehensive reporting allow me to stay on top of my site's performance effortlessly.

We have hundreds of websites and using tools like Uptimia is a blessing. We noticed improvement in our conversion rates since we prioritised website speed.

My website has never loaded faster, thanks to Uptimia. We get informed if our website loads too slow and make changes to improve it.

Uptimia is a website owner's dream come true. Its seamless monitoring keeps my site in check, and instant alerts ensure I'm always ahead of potential issues.

I really love their intuitive dashboard. With Uptimia it is so easy to track the uptime from multiple locations. I love their PageSpeed insights as well.

I trust Uptimia to keep my website running smoothly. The real-time alerts and user-friendly features have turned me into a loyal advocate for this fantastic monitoring service.